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Become a delegator

How to Join

Important: A candidate can only delegate (join_delegators, delegate_another_candidate) once per round!

Anyone can delegate to a collator candidate by delegating at least 1.000 KILT and calling join_delegators.

If the collator has a delegation pool reaching the maximum (25 at launch), a delegator candidate must stake more than the lowest delegator.

  • That delegator will be replaced by the candidate immediately.
  • The kicked delegators stake is prepared for unstaking as if revoking the delegation (see revoking).
  • A delegator needs to wait 7 days to be able to unlock the stake.

An account can only delegate to one collator!

Adjust Stake

A Delegator can increase and decrease the stake by calling either delegator_stake_more or delegator_stake_less.

The candidate can not increase or decrease stake if leaving!

Developer -> Extrinsics -> parachainStaking

  1. Using the selected account: Select the Delegator Account.
  2. Submit the following extrinsic: parachainStaking -> delegator_stake_more or delegator_stake_less.
  3. Selecting the collator account: Choose the desired stake amount.


A delegator revokes the delegation by calling revoke_delegation, reducing the delegation by the full amount of the delegation.

  • The amount will be prepared for unstaking.
  • Revoking a delegation does not count towards the limit of β€œ1 delegation per round”.

How to Exit

An account can revoke all delegations at once by calling leave_delegators.

Once the canditate exits, by delegation is removed and the amount is prepared for unstaking by calling execute_leave_candidates.

A revoking delegation has to wait 7 days before collecting the staked amount back.