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๐ŸŽ’ Setup


You need to have Node.js installed. Any stable (LTS) version is sufficient.

Your working folder

Easy one: create a new folder, named for example kilt-rocks. This is where we'll be doing work for the rest of this tutorial.


Navigate into your newly created folder kilt-rocks.

Install the KILT-SDK by running the following commands:

yarn init -y
yarn add @kiltprotocol/sdk-js

Or with npm:

npm init -y
npm install @kiltprotocol/sdk-js

Before you call any SDK functionality, you need to initialise the crypto libraries and configure the SDK. This is done calling await Kilt.init({ address }) where address is the address of the full node you want to connect to. For this workshop use wss://

That's it for the basic setup - We're good to go!